How to update Proxmox without buying a subscription

SSH into the Proxmox host, or access its console through the web interface, and make a copy of the pve-enterprise.list sources file, like so:

root@pve ~# cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

root@pve ~# cp pve-enterprise.list pve-no-subscription.list

OK, so now we have a copy of the original file. If we ever purchase a subscription later and want to use the enterprise repositories, we’ll be able to revert what we’ve done very easily. For now, edit the original file and comment out its one line; save and close the file.

Next, open the copied file, pve-no-subscription.list, and change the line ever so slightly. The original line looks something like this:

deb stretch pve-enterprise

The parts to note are https (change it to http,) (change enterprise to download), and the end of the string — pve-enterprise (change to pve-no-subscription ). Do not edit the word stretch, or any other word that appears in that position; that’s the Debian version code name. Your edited line should look like this:

deb stretch pve-no-subscription

Save and close the file. Now, update the package lists:

root@pve ~# apt-get update

And when that’s done, run software upgrades!

root@pve ~# apt-get dist-upgrade

Note: Always run dist-upgrade, not just “apt-get upgrade.”